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Water Softener Plant

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Water Softener Plant

We offer different models of the Water Softener Plant that produce treated water for diverse applications. Each model has different usage of resin capacity and produces water with residual hardness consistently during service cycle. Ion exchange occurs and resin is also regenerated after production of required output to provide for the next batch. Known for easy operation, the Water Softener Plant is also demanded for being maintenance free.

  • 1 mild steel pressure vessel
    • Proper system for distribution and collection (for service and regeneration cycle)
    • Internal finish : Black Bitumen anticorrosive paint
    • External finish : Red oxide primer
  • 1 set of frontal pipe work
  • Normal operation and regeneration cycle provided by valves and ejector
  • Cation exchange resin : 1 Complete Charge
  • 1 HDPE Salt tank having fitting and brine filter media
  • 1 test kit for checking hardness of raw and treated water
  • Production capacity : Up to 200 Cu. Mtrs per hour maximum
  • Total water hardness : Less than 5 ppm (Commercial Zero)
Application Areas
  • Boiler Feed
  • Cooling Tower Make-Up
  • Air Conditioning Plants
  • Textile Processing
  • Beverage Production
  • Hospitals, Hotels, Laundries, etc.

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